«Fans have a specific DNA - they strive for emotional closeness to their idols, they seek uniqueness to a certain extent and they want that attitude to be visible»

Fans seek closeness to their idols, fans consider themselves as part of the whole. They don't want to be passive spectators, they want to be active and visible participants - they want to be seen by everyone as fans and partners of their idols. If you fulfil this wish with the right approach, they are not only willing to support their idols (unconditionally) on site, fans are then also willing to invest a lot in the relationship and are open to reveal a lot about themselves. This distinguishes them from those who are only interested.   

Knowing this DNA, pictureUnited develops precisely such approaches that are "must-haves" for fans and that represent risk-free, calculable and measurable "profit-tools" for rights holders as well as for (their) agencies, suppliers and advertising partners. The idea of "sharing participation" makes it easy to positively intensify relationships with fans or target groups and to monetise them permanently in a variety of ways. "Must-haves" are the key to (economic) success!