«Fans are by far not given, fans have to be
earned and treasured by giving them emotional closeness»

Fans seek closeness to their idols, fans offer them active support. That distinguishes them from the only interested people. So fans should by no means be taken for granted – having fans is a great asset. It is only with fans that an athlete or artist becomes complete, an event is transformed into a unique event through fans.

pictureUnited has recently emerged from a diverse group of different characters with different professional backgrounds who have a common connection: they are fans and they do understand fans. With their DNA, pictureUnited is driven by the motivation to develop innovative marketing and product solutions, which make it easier in current settings for associations, clubs, teams and testimonials to permanently strengthen the relations with their fans. The honest and trustworthy approach of pU's activation tools focuses on the fans supporting them to change from a passive spectator to an active participant – fanintegration at its closest.

In addition pictureUnited also helps agencies, equipment suppliers and advertising partners to improve and sustainably manage the interactive exchange with their (fan)target groups.

As a result, pictureUnited's approach of sharing participation creates measurable value for all involved.