«Whatever you do and wherever you are,
don‘t forget the fans»

Fans are (almost) everything – without fans, (almost) everything is nothing! As simple as this formula may seem, it is true and so important. Because with their typical "DNA", the fans make the difference. They are the ones who determine whether a sport or an event is interesting for the media and for advertisers. They are the ones who make clubs and teams immortal. And they are the ones who turn actors into idols.

Fans are therefore the basis of everything – as enthusiastic supporters and committed advocates, they are nowadays decisive multipliers and thus on the one hand a success factor and on the other hand an indicator of success. This applies to sports, to culture, but also to the classic economy. With the right approach, fans are a decisive element for achieving one's own marketing and sales goals. Therefore, you must never lose sight of them, no matter where you are - no matter what you do!