pU No1 meets the aforementioned requirements of a tailored idea: that's why now – and right now – the time has come. Fans strive for closeness to their idols, idols need the closeness of their fans. pU No 1 does justice to both; this activation tool is a patented solution for the realization of an expressive mutual confession.

pU No1 immediately catches the eye – many images specifically arranged result in clear geometric shapes or a clear design; if they are still pictures of fans, this results in a mutual visual expression of identification. Today's technical capabilities make this easy and easy to realize.

pU No1 is flexible and creates enormous value. The comprehensive legal protection gives it a sustainable unique selling point.

#beunderstandable & bepractical

beunder­stand­able & bepractical

People nowadays prefer to communicate through images – this is simple and understandable. Many of these images not only reflect a (fan) community – specially arranged (they) create a common visual experience in which the fans enter into a "pictural" partnership with their idols and vice versa. This makes a photo much more than what it originally expresses – it is emotionally charged, it creates an enormously strong unity for everyone. There is no closer bond between idols and fans and vice versa. With pU No1, a pictorial composition expresses much more than what one sees at first glance – the geometric form comes to life, it triggers emotions.

pU No1 gives fans the opportunity to be there anytime, anywhere. Even if they are not there. And the idols can always be sure of the closeness and support of their supporters – a crucial element in the competition for victory and against defeat.

And best of all, the whole thing is done in just a few steps. Because pU No1 uses modern technologies. Photos are simply uploaded via an app in such a way that the desired geometric shape or design is created.

On the basis of artificial intelligence, non-permitted and non-compliant motifs are discarded. Multi-level control and matching procedures rule out possible errors. The entire process is therefore extremely safe. For all those involved, this means: low effort, huge yield!

# beflexible


pU No1 is super simple. And that is precisely why its implementation, and its enormous potential are huge. Due to its flexibility and complexity, the idea offers far-reaching (additional) benefits in a variety of forms for all participants involved.

pU No1 thus creates real additional values:

  1. Economic added value: pU No1 is a multifunctional activation tool. It is complementary and not substitutive like many others – it thus generates only new income and does not replace existing sources                                                                         
  2. Informative added value: pU No1 generates completely new information digitally, which is used as smart data                       
  3. Emotional added value: Fans and idols become a real unity at the highest level of emotional connection and closeness. There is nothing more to do!
># beprotected


pU No1 is also comprehensive and extensively protected in terms of content as well as geographically.

Legal protection covers various intellectual property rights and ranges from patent protection, such as US patent
US 10,849,380 B2 and European Patent EP 3 260 003 B1 to design protection such as EU Design 3359231, to trademark protection.

Further intellectual property rights are currently in the approval phase.

The user thus has the certainty that the possible unauthorized copycats can be timely prosecuted and thus prevented.