#activation & monetisation

pU No1: an interactive activation and monetisation tool

In today's environment, pU No1 meets the aforementioned requirements of a tailored idea; the tool's principle immediately catches the eye - it is as simple as it is ingenious and involves:

"The computer-aided generation of geometric shapes or designs based on image files by defining  edges and implementing them on sports and leisurewear as well as on sports and sports-related objects".

If the edges are created by many different files, they result in a common visual experience, they become part of the design and thus far more than what each individual file expresses on its own. This applies to both the analog and the digital world.

The most suitable image files are primarily:

a) pictures of fans, in which case the specific digits, numbers and / or logos etc. of their idols are created as an expression of a mutual visual identification statement

b) or vice versa, the idols place their own images in a special arrangement, thus creating a unique (and limited edition) geometric representation of certain topics for the fans.

Beyond that, many other contents are of course conceivable.

pU No1 therefore very flexible and its respective activation creates enormous added value for all participants - the monetisation is comprehensive.

Regarding the provision of the tool pictureUnited does not act alone but cooperates in relation to certain sports and / or countries with corresponding partner companies.

For the sports ice hockey and golf the company WTN Trade GmbH Vienna exclusively owns the worldwide rights – interested parties are therefore kindly asked to directly contact the persons mentioned in the link.

WTN Trade GmbH
Radelmayergasse 6
A-1190 Wien

+43 664 202 06 00

#beunderstandable & bepractical

pU No 1 is understandable and easy to implement

In today's digital age, people prefer to communicate through images - it's quick, easy and understandable. If you then manage to create a visible connection between fans and idols, then they become emotionally charged, then an enormously strong unity is created for everyone to see. And that's exactly what pU No1 does; with the tool, a geometric shape based on images becomes much more than what you normally see - it comes to life, it triggers emotions.

In this way, pU No1 is the basis for fulfilling the fans' greatest wish, namely to be there always and to support their idols everywhere; even if they are not on site. 

pU No1 is therefore much more than just placing images on shirts or objects - pU No1 is the visible result of stories about emotionality and partnership, about mutual support and respect. As a result, it embodies a marketing tool that is highly accepted by fans. With pU No1, monetization becomes likeable - the tool is thus the guarantor of (economic) success for its users!

# beflexible

pU No 1 creates added value

pictureUnited thinks holistically and looks at things from all sides. This results in tools whose application yields far-reaching financial and other (added) values for all parties involved; this also applies to pU No1.

># beprotected

pu No 1 is comprehensively protected by law

pU No1 has extensive protection not only in terms of content, but also geographically.

The protection of content relates to both the process of generation and the result of implementation and covers various levels of intellectual property rights, namely patent protection, design protection and trademark protection.

Geographically, the status is currently already valid for USA and Europe.

The user thus has the certainty that the possible infringements by unauthorized copycats can be timely prosecuted and punished consistently.

pU No1 is a multifunctional activation tool. It is complementary and not substitutive like many others. It thus generates measurable new revenues directly and / or indirectly exclusively, be it e.g. through the massive increase in merchandising sales or through the promotion of sales of completely different products within the framework of combination offers.

pU No1 digitally generates entirely new and high-quality information. For a company, this is known to be a decisive factor in gaining new customers and strengthening the loyality of existing ones.In this respect, the profitable potential of this idea is evident for those who integrate it into their marketing measures.

Extensive market research proves that fans consider themselves to be respected in the long term when using pU No1; they greatly appreciate the fact that their needs are being addressed and that the focus is not only on the otherwise omnipresent profit motive. Put simply: those who use pU No 1 as an activation tool experience a sustainable image boost par excellence!

Through pU No1, the fans become designers, so to speak, and their image becomes part of the design that their idols put on - a true unity at the highest level of connection and closeness. More emotionality is not possible for these two protagonists!